Our Philosophy

Customer Success is everyone’s business and account-based analytics is the engine that aligns the B2B enterprise to the most wealth-driving activities.

Dynamo believes the account is the movie star in the B2B enterprise. Therefore, all data from internal efforts and across the web should be cohesively analyzed from an account prospective. Dynamo’s B2B account graph then rapidly identifies the insights required to win, keep and grow your best accounts.

Countless variations of BI user interfaces have been developed to articulate data. UI fatigue has set in, 80% of the knowledge workforce remains underserved.  Dynamo removed the cost of value by simply allowing any professional to use natural language to obtain contextually relevant insights anytime, anywhere with zero training required.

Data exploration & analysis is a tedious process reserved for the analyst.  Dynamo removed these laborious tactics to democratize data-driven action so professionals can quickly make the most informed decisions about their customers by simply reading auto-discovered insights in natural language.