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Solutions for B2B teams to get instant account intelligence. Dynamo is an account-centric research assistant who keeps the entire company armed with the insights required to proactively retain, engage and grow your customers.


Easily summon Dynamo while meeting with the team to quickly understand trends and issues that need to be handled to maintain and grow your accounts.


Quickly grasp pertinent information about your account prior to walking into a meeting. The influencers, the decision makers, interactions, news and how your firm's plan to revenue stacks up.


Notice one of your target accounts at a conference, quickly task Dynamo to learn all pertinent information to strike a conversation. Just email Dynamo the account name. It's that simple.


Dynamo is not static. Dynamo constantly monitors internal and external account data to identify anomalies so your team is always in the know.


Grasp who across your team has engaged with contacts at your accounts. Everyone will sing from the same account tune with Dynamo.


Instead of scrambling to get a new team member up to speed, just task Dynamo to return an account report. New team members will jump right on board with confidence and simply be aligned.